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The "I Can" drive experience incorporated a 4D experience. The fourth element was time. we incorporated the mobile museum to enforce this concept. The "time" concept conveyed the following: Porsche cars posses "timeless" opulence, "Timeless" perfection, Sustainable Engineering (sustainable flows back in to the concept of "green") and timeless value.

Defining the Essence of the Porsche Customer Experience

In addition to the
  • Registration and Lounge Area
  • Car Museum
  • Car Display Area
  • Café
  • Kids Zone
  • Theatre

We recommended that PCNA create unique “experience portals” to keep the with the “4” theme.   

In the Kid Zone, we recommended a digital animation artist to assist the kids in creating imagines of themselves as race car drivers, and designing their own cars.  We would take all of the imagines and experiences from each city and create a video about Porsche being the preferred automotive brand of the future.

Presentation: We recommended a four (4) min presentation where guest would go experience a virtual walk through of the Panamera being built, and then all of sudden the door opens up with the seat being adjusted and you are  racing over the countrysideIt was presented as a classic black board presentation with four (4) key charcoal illustrations 1-Areal view, 2-Elevation, 3-Standing behind a Porsche assembly line engineer, 4-Movement of the door opening up and then all of a sudden you are driving the car. The presentation ends with the “I Can” tagline.

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