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Innovative Marketing Group (IMG) provides professional and diverse, strategy planning and marketing management services. Our team consists of senior executives with extensive experience in advertising, marketing research, media management, brand management, sales management, and experimental marketing. We are committed to providing our clients with the insights and strategies that lead to ultimate marketplace success. We fuse strategic thinking with marketing research savvy to yield unparalleled solutions to tough marketplace challenges.

Why Strategic
Marketing Matters

IMG ensures research and strategy is attached to sound business fundamentals. It has always been our belief that understanding the building blocks of business development is an essential part of being a successful strategist.
Brand Management
IMG's strategic partners have global brand management and product development experience. We understand the issues that face senior level brand management, in part, because we have been there. Our understanding of creating long-term, profitable, sustainable growth for a brand goes beyond creative executions and incorporates an integrated approach to ensuring the health of your brand.
Analytical Acumen
We are experienced researchers and analysts who have conducted quantitative and qualitative studies from beginning to end. Our team has intensive experience designing, managing, implementing, and analyzing a variety of research studies customized for the specific needs of a breadth of clients.
As a result of our relentless pursuit of strategic excellence, we've partnered with our clients to successfully develop new products, drive new sales opportunities, shape new messaging strategies, explore and reposition their brand, and develop both award winning and effective advertising campaign.
Consulting Services
IMG and its strategic partners will provide professional consulting services to support the planning, design, development and implementation of an integrated community engagement marketing strategy. Our services will include a series of process reviews, client engagement studies, a process improvement scan to evaluate current gaps and process enhancements, marketing and sales collateral refresh, and benchmarks with best-in-class service firms, sustainable growth model, sales process review and a comprehensive roadmap to implement our recommendations.

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