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to compete globally

We understand the importance of using various online and offline marketing tools to create innovative marketing campaigns.

We provide
strategic planning and marketing services

We fuse strategic thinking with marketing research savvy to yield unparalleled solutions to tough marketplace challenges.

Consultancy & Marketing Strategy

We build a firm foundation based on strategy. Our clients trust us to develop new marketing campaigns or programs that drive new business opportunities and sales revenue.

Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Marketing analytics considers all marketing efforts across all channels over a span of time – which is essential for sound decision making, problem solving and effective, efficient program execution.

Best in Class Solutions

We strive to optimize our client’s value proposition.  Our approach is based on four key analyses: segmentation analysis, strategic targeting analysis, tactical targeting and customer strategy formulation.

BE INFORMEDData Intelligence

Advanced analytics that help clients improve operational effectiveness and efficiency through innovative uses of data.


We believe in being transparent with our clients. Our clients have total access to their campaigns, data, and tracking reports.

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For over a decade we have helped clients dominate organic search by implementing long-term, sustainable SEO strategies.


Our Google AdWords management team will turn your PPC campaign into a huge success. Our campaigns average a X:1 return.
The traditional lines of demarcation between advertising agencies, public relations firms and now strategic consultancies have been blurring for some time. In many ways, these developments follow the ongoing transformation of the CMO role from one of the grand orchestrator of the organizations' communications efforts to a more fundamental role as a strategic driver of growth and enterprise value.

Working together to
achieve your marketing goals

Since 1995, Innovative Marketing Group has been one of the most influential strategic marketing consulting firm leading this charge.

American Express wanted to heighten their visibility regarding a national cause related event (Share Our Strength). Additionally, they wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors as being the first charge/credit card to participate in the program.

Porsche Cars North America “I Can” Driving Experience included exhibits and environments featuring select gourmet tastings, interactive in-car experiences and informative product demonstrations.

We created a campaign titled “The Marriott Way”, which focused on its rich history, their investment to offer their brand into more markets, their commitment to quality appointments and details to every property, and their commitment to excellent customer service from every staff member.

Keys to
Campaign Success

When we are developing a new program, we use marketing analytics as the framework to measure the success of implementation and engagement.
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Success for all clients so far
Setting and achieving goals and objectives
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Clients consulted in total
Making key decisions and designing success strategies
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Certificates and awards globally
Finding the ideal career/work or business
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Years of marketing experience
Communicating powerfully and succinctly

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